Can we guess your celebrity crush

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can we guess your celebrity crush

Terminalcoffee - Pop Culture / Celebrities : Your Celebrity Crush Showing 1-50 of 137

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Published 11.11.2019

Discover Who Has A Secret Crush On You - Love Personality Quiz Reveals First Letter of Their Name

Ah, the 80s. Sure, the looks were a little over the top, but there was certainly no lack of great looking actresses. Ever dream about one in particular?

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Everyone had a 70's celebrity crush, but which actor was really your dream man? Can we accurately guess which actor you were crushing on in the s? Take this 70's personality quiz and find out! Share This. Their smile.

Your celebrity crush is Channing Tatum. Can we take a moment to appreciate his chiseled chest? Those glistening muscles? You need a man like Channing in your life. He has some serious dance moves and his sex appeal is bound to make you swoon. Did we guess right?

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Please leave empty:. I don't have time to think about anyone. No, not really. Yes, all the time. Every once in a while.

Does your taste in men also reflect your taste in women? We know that may sound a tad strange, but it may be true! We all have different celebrity crushes, but your type may definitely reflect the kind of people you are interested in. One of the most popular celebrity guy crushes is Ryan Gosling, for obvious reasons! Not only is he an amazing actor, but he is a doting father of two and he seems like a very good person.

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