Work hard until your signature becomes an autograph

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work hard until your signature becomes an autograph

Quote by Tim Notke: “Work so hard that one day your signature will b...”

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Published 18.12.2019

Success is when your signature change to autograph##

Arnold Palmer still sets example of legible autographs

Arnold Palmer reached for a black pen and a blank piece of paper, and for a moment, he went back in time to the first grade. Pen in hand, his right arm moved in a slow, circular motion for several seconds, as if rehearsing. Then, he started writing what has become one of the most famous autographs in sports. Even at 83, Palmer makes sure every fan can read his name. And like so many other aspects of his golfing career, his influence spans generations.

An autograph is a person's own signature or handwriting. The term is used particularly in connection with the collecting of autographs of celebrities ; the hobby of collecting autographs is known as "philography". What might be considered the oldest "autograph" is a Sumerian clay table from about BC which includes the name of the scribe Gar. This meaning overlaps that of " holograph ". Some of the most popular categories of autograph subjects are presidents , military soldiers , athletes , movie stars , artists , social and religious leaders , scientists , astronauts , and authors.

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it will be you and me

"Work so hard that until one day, your signature becomes an autograph." – Quote Collector

Hard work will pay off, To achieve your goal you just need to get out of your comfort zone and work hard for your dreams. No one is going to fulfill your dreams unless you do it yourself. I still remember the first day when I started a blog on Blogger. I kept googling about that tried almost every method I red. Sometimes I disappointed myself.

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  1. Work until your #Signature becomes an Autograph #MilindsQuotesCollection # Quotes #Dreams can only become a #reality if there is #hard #work and.

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