All your prayers are answered

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all your prayers are answered

Answered Prayer Quotes (102 quotes)

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Published 18.12.2019

1 - Seven Basic Conditions for Answered Prayer - Derek Prince

Get tickets! I promise. This is a subject I love because prayer is our supernatural connection to the Father Himself.

Why doesn't God answer my prayers?

Bible texts come to our minds, such as Matthew , "Ask, and it will be given to you" Will He really answer when we call? Isaiah "Before you call I will answer, while you are still speaking, I will hear. Have you ever asked the question, why doesn't prayer work? Why at times does it appear that God ignores us when we pray to Him. Even when we feel that God is not answering our prayers, you can always know God is a God of love. The Bible tells us He loves us:.

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There are many reasons why our prayers may not be answered. It is so sad that today many Christians do not believe in the power and effectiveness of prayer. The Bible teaches that God does indeed answer our prayers john but many times we fail to have effective prayer. You must use the power of the Name of Jesus Christ. Even demons tremble at the sound of His name. So then why are you afraid to ask, in the name of Jesus Christ?

Which prayers has God answered? Stop and focus on those answers, and thank Him for those blessings. Write down or record those answered prayers. When you receive the answers, record and celebrate them! Being mindful of the many prayers God answers for us regularly, both big and small, increases our faith, our gratitude, and our life balance. Many of us pray regularly, and we also regularly receive answers to our prayers.

What does He have to see in my heart for my prayers to be answered? Since He has said it, it is also attainable. Most people do not believe that it is possible for them to attain it, that they will receive what they have prayed for. The condition is that we abide in Jesus and that His words abide in us. The Word rules by means of the light.

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